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Patch 2.3.1 Uploaded

Wellcome to Lineage II High Rate PVP/PK server
Enjoy the battle with fast start and easy farm.
There is no similar or even close to this servers and only there you can find your best fun!

Lineage II K][W Team spend a huge amounth of time to build this server pack with perfect Balance and NPC,s and the Best Farm/PVP/PK Zones

You can find more information about server in Freatures section or just you can dirrectly join the game from the downloading page.
In game you also can find full list of information about server freatures,rates and etc.
Server is created to be stable and not commercial !
K][W Team guaratees no lag,no custom sh_ts,no Wipes,

K][W Team wish you luck,Joy,Fun and ofcourse more PVP in base stats !

Author :Admin | Date : 27.05.2018